Consumption of alcohol or open containers of alcohol is prohibited as stated in (Ord. No. 34130, § 1, 3-4-97).
No glass containers
Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis in designated parking lots
Holding or saving parking spaces is not permitted
Drive lanes in parking lots must be kept clear at all times
Tailgating is permitted in all controlled parking lots
Tailgate festivities cannot extend into additional parking spaces
Overnight parking is not allowed in any controlled parking lots
ADA parking is available in controlled parking lots
Staking of tents is NOT permitted in the parking lots or lawn areas of the parking lots
Tents may be anchored by weights
Commercial advertising banners or signs are prohibited
Distribution of promotional items or other forms of solicitation are not permitted. Selling of any item(s) is strictly prohibited
Any equipment (chairs, tents, grills, etc.) left overnight will be disposed of
All cooking equipment must be situated away from crowds, buildings or combustible material
A minimum clearance distance of three (3) feet from cooking equipment is required
No grills are to be left unattended at any time
Trash containers and charcoal dump stations will not be provided
Personal golf carts, Segways, Hoverboards and Skateboards are not allowed in controlled parking lots
No RV's, Buses, Box Trucks Allowed
Controlled parking lots will close 90 minutes after the event
Baxter Arena reserves the right to revoke daily or season parking passes of those who do not comply with any parking guidelines
All vehicles are parked at the owner’s complete risk
Parking is limited, so we ask you to be respectful of the other event(s) when setting up your tailgating area
Please listen to the directions of our parking and security staff members