How to Use U-Tip

Using U-Tip is an application of the UNO Alert system, but registration with UNO Alert is not required to use the system.

You can use the service to report suspicious activities seen on campus, including theft, vandalism, drugs, domestic disputes, and disorderly sports fans.

U-Tip can also be used to help prevent crimes on campus by reporting incidents before they escalate and by helping Public Safety spot suspicious individuals. U-Tip is not anonymous.

Follow these steps to use U-Tip:

  1. Enter 79516
  2. In the text message type: UNO911 (your message here). An example of the text content might be: UNO911 possible car break-in west of DSC
  3. 1 is UNO’s campus identifier. It is essential that you provide a space between UNO911 and your text message for the message to get routed to UNO Public Safety.

This message is sent directly to Public Safety and appropriate action will be taken immediately.